Digital Strategies Services

Our digital strategies services

Digital marketing is not just about getting likes and followers: it's about attracting the right visitors to your site and getting them to take the action you want.
Our digital marketing team goes beyond smart keywords and creative ads to generate
tangible results, whether through e-commerce, lead generation or reader subscriptions, we are able generate quality traffic that will help you meet or even exceed your commercial objectives according to the digital strategy set by our team.
Search Engine Optimization

The SEO experts from our agency Optimal Solution offer to support you in your project to optimize the search engine optimization of your website using a quasi-scientific approach based on the statistical study and in-depth analysis of the SEO of your main competitors by intervening the following elements:

  • Website audit: we recommend carrying out an SEO audit to take stock of your website, identify blocking and / or penalizing factors, and develop an SEO strategy.
  • On-site optimization: study and selection of the most relevant keywords for use in website texts, optimization of meta-tags, titles and descriptions, image optimization, performance optimization such as the loading speed of pages and adaptation to mobile navigation…
  • Off-site optimization: we seek to obtain quality links pointing to your site to improve its popularity, because this is an essential lever in an SEO optimization strategy.

Monitoring and reporting: we send you performance and position monitoring reports according to the frequency of your choice (weekly, monthly, quarterly).

E-mailing campaign

Prospecting, creation and sending of Emailing campaigns according to your needs and objectives. Optimal Solution offers you a surprising and original e-mailing campaign.

You want full responsive, semi-responsive or not at all, a prospecting campaign or regular newsletter for your subscribers, we have everything and we try to maximize your e-mailing conversions for a total success of your brand.

Blog creation and update

Creating a blog for your website and creating content to optimize it and boost your sales Optimal Solution offers you a blog editorial team ensuring the conversion of your readers into promoter customers.

Thanks to meticulous writing, adapted to the context of your brand and your needs, we will ensure quality writing on a regular basis to boost your brand and enhance it.

Search Engine Advertising

We can support the different types of campaigns available on the Google Ads advertising network. We can thus adapt to your needs according to your advertising objectives:

  • Advertising on the research network.
  • Display advertising.
  • Mobile advertising (smartphones and tablets)
  • True View announcements (video on Youtube)
  • Product Ads on Google Shopping.
  • Remarketing campaigns to relaunch your internet users

Thanks to our professional tools, we analyze your campaigns daily to adjust them proactively and increase their impact tenfold.

Keywords search

Search for suitable keywords to optimize your site and better differentiating it from those of your competitors.

With us, don’t worry about research issues anymore. Our marketing experts will make sure to plan your keywords according to your target audience and keep them with modifications throughout our cooperation according to behavioral changes and new trends that your target will follow.

Digital PR (Reaching Influencers)

Prospecting and contacting the influencers you need for a brand new digital public relations campaign From nano to macro influencer, Optimal Solution will make sure your voice is heard.

With a breakdown according to the theme and the social network which the influencer specializes in, we will provide you with all the information necessary in order to make your digital public relations campaign successful.

Website content creation

Creation of regular content for your website which can boost your SEO (Title, description, content etc.)

You don’t know what to put on your website to attract your target audience! Optimal Solution will make your life easier, we take care of everything; you no longer have to worry about your content. And as Einstein said “Everything is relative”, with us, not only will you have your content but also a natural referencing ready to compete with the best as soon as it is released.

Integration of Google Analytics and Google search console

Integration of Google Analytics and Google Search Console statistical tools for a better overview of your website traffic and an optimization of the site strategy according to statistical results.

For us, the traffic of your website has no more secrets, with the analysis tools of Google Analytics, we will more easily understand the audience of your website, your conversions, your bounce rates so we can make the changes necessary for your content and structure.

With a Google search console integration, we will understand the essence of your traffic thanks to the keywords that allowed access to your platform.

Optimal Solution will take care to ensure that you no longer miss an ounce of traffic and conversion for better visibility and performance on the net.