Beginner’s guide to content marketing

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What is content marketing?

Different examples of content marketing

  1. Social media content marketing
  2. Blog content marketing
  3. Email content marketing
  4. Video content marketing
  5. EBooks & courses content marketing

Content marketing strategy first steps

  1. Set your goals
  2. Determine your KPIs
  3. Target your content distribution channels
  4. Choose your type(s) of content
  5. Plan your content posts
  6. Analyze your results and adapt




77% of companies have a content marketing strategy for their business

Are you part of the 33%? You don’t have to worry about that anymore, our team shared with you this guide to actually start your content marketing strategy with the right steps.

Content marketing today is a must, as it drives your audience to be more interested as you share more content that adds value to their beliefs, the more your audience thinks of you in a positive way, the more they will consider your company as their first choice. We can even talk about emotional attachment in some cases.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a type of marketing that consists of strategically creating, publishing, and promoting content.

Why should a company invest in content marketing right? Well in a simple way, content marketing used right can improve your ROI in general. It has a long-term usage compared to paid advertisements or press releases, in which, if used correctly, can help you achieve your objectives faster!

Different examples of content marketing

Social media content marketing

With over 3.81 Billion users of social media worldwide, it is hard not to consider it as a means to connect with your audience.

With the diversity of social media nowadays (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc…) and their respective audience, usage and features, one can only imagine the possibilities in which content marketing could help achieve the company’s goals.

You just have to align your company’s objective with the right social media tools.

Blog content marketing

Blog are among the primary 3 forms of media used in content marketing strategies today.

Indeed, since blogs are a powerful tool for inbound marketing as users find their hobbies, useful information (as of now) and can connect in a way with the blog writers. Blog can take multiple forms as they can be for educational purposes, or sharing the owner’s hobbies such as photography or travelling.

Depending on your blog goals, you can even cross platforms as you may use your blog articles in social media and thus share your content on multiple platforms.


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Email content marketing

Yes, Emails are still not outdated, in fact a study of 1,000 small business owners, email marketing was ranked as the second most effective medium for building brand awareness.

Email marketing can be used to promote your services, trying to convert, but it is also an effective way to create an interaction and build a relationship with your audience via newsletters, guides etc.

Video content marketing

99% of people who use video for marketing say they’ll continue using video in 2020.Video as content marketing has found its way to become one of the most used types of content marketing as it facilitates the information flow passed to the audience and makes it easier to explain what, where and when to use their product and how to make it work.

Such a powerful tool can be used everywhere, social media, websites, even as a means in digital Public Relations. So why don’t you start now?

EBooks & courses content marketing

EBooks and courses can be a very powerful tool, as they leave a positive imprint in the mind of their reads and gives them added value.

As for EBooks, they can be recipes or FAQ, which would help the reader, get information about something new. Courses on the other hand, can take the form of a webinar, videos, books and even an audio course. It’s your way to innovate and try to make your audience interested.


Content marketing strategy first steps

As any successful business or strategy, planning is one of the keys to that success; our team wants you to have a few steps ahead to create the perfect content for your customers.


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Set your goals

The first part of the process is of course to get your goals right. Don’t forget something, content marketing is just a part of a bigger plan, your goals needs to be aligned with your marketing and business strategy

Some examples of your content strategy can be:

  • Improve Brand awareness
  • Increase conversion
  • Increase brand loyalty


Determine your KPIs

Have you set your goals? Great, now you need to find a way to track them, to make sure you are not going in the wrong direction

Let’s take the goals examples and set their key performance indicators.

  • Improve Brand awareness :  Site traffic, social media followers, subscription sign-ups, mentions (by customers and partners)
  • Increase conversion : Conversion rate, shopping cart abandonment rate, associated shipping rate trends, competitive price trends
  • Increase brand loyalty : Returning customers, promoters, product reviews, referrals


In this way, we can know if we actually set the right goals to our campaign, or maybe we were doing something wrong with the actions taken to reach it.

Target your content distribution channels

By determining your goals, you certainly got a glimpse of the distribution channels you are supposed to use.

Always choose the preferred channels of your audience; you are there to propose content for them. In other terms, you need to create a buyer persona for your audience(s) and make sure you choose the right channels that will maximize the added value you will present to them

Choose your type(s) of content

With various types of content, certain channels are somewhat obvious, for example, you are going to create a blog and make it your primary channel of content distribution. The blog type of content can be the blog itself, but it can also include audio, ebooks, etc.

Also, social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc… Present various types of content within their platform and give you the freedom of choice.

Plan your content posts

Every strategic point of your content is set, now you need to plan your posts, if you chose to have one channel with a unique content type, obviously it is not going to be too hard. However, reality makes that choice in 99% of the cases not enough. Most companies choose more than one type of content and channel, in which you need to plan every post and synchronize everything to be more relevant and reach your goals.


Analyze your results and adapt

Being stubborn with your plans will not get you anywhere near your success, there are things in the world we cannot predict and that is why we need to be flexible in our plans.

You need to analyse the results you are having on a weekly basis. There are tools for that, for example Google analytics or Facebook statistics etc.

If there is something wrong with your statistics, maybe you are doing something not quite right and need to adapt your plans accordingly.



Content marketing is an essential part of your brand, without it, your audience will not have anything to know more about you or be emotionally attached to your products and services. Try to synchronize your content with the different types and platforms to get the most of them all. Moreover, you will thrive in your industry and get your business going.


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