Website Services

Our websites services

We develop websites that allow you to reach your users wherever they operate while leaving a memorable impression.
Expert, creative and perceptive, our approach keeps your key objectives in mind at all times to provide a platform that benefits from a unique user
Creation of a website via WordPress with a template of your choice and according to your needs which follows the following steps:
Definition of the type of site :
  • Showcase of a product or a company.
  • Site based on a theme (a technology, a sector of activity …).
  • Educational site, containing tutorials.
  • Software.
  • E-commerce.
  • Forum.
  • Blog.
  • Service.
Choice of site theme and audience :
  • A site should be devoted to a unique theme so you need :
    • The exact definition of what the site will be devoted to.
    • The definition of the audience for which the site will be intended from the start.
Choice of domain name.
Choice of web hosting.
CMS Access / WordPress :

Access to the content system for easy modification of the content of your website to personalise it your way at any time.

Content creation :

We guarantee that your website will be judged of its high quality by search engines as well as by readers through:

  • Original content: a site different from what is already found on the web with careful and optimised writing.
  • Ensure trust and good SEO.
  • Give site visitors what they want.
Maintenance of the website :
  • Technical update of the site: bug fixes, code optimisation, plugin updates on a CMS, etc.

Updating the content: adding new news or blog articles, semantic optimisation of a page in order to improve its natural referencing, adding images or multimedia content.